Our pioneer girls and boys.


Place of Grace (POG) is a non-profit institution founded by the late Peninah Maria Kioko in 2010. POG Children’s home is currently a family of 20 children ranging between 1 and 18 years of age and come from different backgrounds. The Home provides a family where there is physical, educational and spiritual nurturing. The Home is situated in a rented house at Donholm Phase Eight, Nairobi East-lands, Kenya. uPlace of Grace (POG) is a refuge for troubled, hurting children. Children who are experiencing emotional instability, often due to family trauma. Children that have been abused and or neglected. For whatever reason, these children are unable to cope with their current living conditions. uThe vision of Place of Grace (POG) is to provide more than just the basic physical needs of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in need, but also to provide a nurturing family that gives the children an excellent education that exceeds what is normally available in the surrounding slum communities in Nairobi’s’ Kayole, Dandora and Soweto. POG’s vision, most importantly, is to provide a family in which God’s love for His children is expressed to them through action, care, and teaching, instilling seeds of God’s love, truth and word in their hearts.