We would first and foremost love to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and love that you have exhibited towards the Place of Grace Family. You are a gift to us from God. We are truly grateful for standing with us. In the last few years, a lot of things have changed within the home. With donations, physical help and environmental knowledge we were able to improve our daily life and our living conditions. But there are still many things to do!
This year, after having a meeting with the Place Of Grace Children’s Home members, we came up with a list of short term and long term projects which we would love to undertake, that will really help in running this Home even more efficiently. Kindly feel free to take a look at them. You are welcome to donate towards any of these projects through our various donations channels. Your contribution, whether great or small is totally significant and highly appreciated. If you have some new ideas or knowledge to change and improve our home just
contact us.

Financial needs

Place of Grace Children’s Home is solely supported by donations from caring individuals. Your support of 50 USD= Kshs. 5,000) a month provides the following for each child:

    Housing

    Health: Nutritious/tasty meals, purified water, vitamins, medical check-ups, immunization, hygiene, and other medical needs. In a position to gamble having casino free spin.

    Personal items: Clothing, toiletries, bedding, toys, etc.

    Education: School fees, books, school supplies, and uniforms.

    Fun: Extracurricular activities, games, and sports.

     Child Protection Rights (includes child rights and protections.

100% of your monthly contribution goes to meet the needs of your sponsored child. POG does not use any sponsorship funds for administrative expenses.

Place Of Grace Community Centre

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