Hungarian Grand Prix – Can Sir Lewis Hamilton overtake Verstappen?

The British GP also involved a much controversial incident, when Verstappen became a victim of a very nasty collision into the tyre barriers at Copse corner after getting hit by the merest of touches from Hamilton’s Mercedes but was enough to off-balance the car.

It was a 51G impact hit which ended Verstappen’s race and he also has to be hospitalised for precautionary scans and checks.

Thankfully Verstappen is back fit again and is raring to go, he also participated 24hr sim race to test his body endurance.

Since the Red Bull has lodged a much-controversial review of the “10-second” penalty awarded to Lewis Hamilton, they want to get an extended penalty for the Englishman.

Red Bull Manager Christian Horner has been vocal about the incident and called it an “amateur” act from Hamilton.

The Hungarian Grand Prix is one of the most loved races on the calendar with tight and twisty tracks, a Formula 1 classic!. It will be the 11th round of the season-long championship and the last one before the traditional midsummer break.

Sir Lewis Hamilton is the most successful racer when it comes to Hungarian GP’s winning 8 times with the latest coming in the 2018-20 season, 4 more than the legendary Michael Schumacher. Interestingly Sebastian Vettel also has two wins coming in 2015 and 2017.

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